About Bulk Nutrients

Never heard of Bulk Nutrients? Well we’re the new kids on the block for sports supplements in NZ and we’d love you to give us a try!

Here at Bulk Nutrients we’re dedicated to supplying high quality supplements at low everyday prices so you can reach your goals (no matter how big they may be).

We stock only pure, effective products and manufacture locally in small town Tasmania (in Australia!).

Here is our story…

How it all began

The concept behind Bulk Nutrients started around 2004 when Managing Director Ben Crowley lived in Japan for 12 months teaching English. As supplements were so difficult to come by in Japan he bought his personal supply from America and had them shipped to Japan.

Ben was amazed at how affordable supplements were in America as well as the massive range available. After lengthy investigation Ben found that the American market was more competitive and utilised streamlined systems, which was lacking in Australia.

Prices in Australia were excessive due to ‘middlemen’ distributors. No value was added in this process, rather the outdated system of importers, distributors and resellers only served to increase prices to consumers.

Were these middlemen necessary? What if someone produced a range of supplements in Australia, which used our higher quality proteins? Direct from the factory is the simplest supply chain possible. And with no middlemen, it meant customers were in line for big savings.

With that simple notion, Bulk Nutrients was born.

Bulk Nutrients today

Fast forward over 10 years to 2017 and Bulk Nutrients is thriving. We now employ over 45 staff full time staff and process a staggering 75 tonnes of stock a month.

The Bulk Nutrients factory in Tasmania is a site to be seen. It totals over 2500m², with 5 manufacturing areas and over 1000m² of raw and finished goods storage.

Bulk Nutrients Staff

So, who are Bulk Nutrients?

Bulk Nutrients is made up of many different departments; Production, Dispatch, Customer Service, Research & Development, Marketing and Quality Assurance.


Here at Bulk Nutrients we choose to focus on products that work and don’t push gimmicks.

While now a large brand, Bulk Nutrients still maintains a major focus on purity with our basic proteins such as WPC, WPI and Micellar Casein, which contain nothing but protein, flavouring and sweetener. 

Over the years we have added a range of other dairy and non dairy proteins utilising cutting edge fat burning ingredients as well as enzymes which aid digestion and absorption in a massive range of flavours, and different sizes, for those seeking variety.

At Bulk Nutrients we are particularly proud of our R&D department which continues to develop marketing leading offerings covering fat burners, recovery and sleep products. This includes some genuine world firsts such as Future Whey which was released in 2017.

Service is a priority

In terms of service, we have a team dedicated to receiving, processing and packaging all orders. Due to our very high demand, this happens 6 days a week, starting from 7am each day.

All orders received before 3pm are dispatched on the same day and all orders under 3kg are sent via Australia Post’s Express Post service.

Our customer service doesn’t end with quick dispatch. Although we’re a discount manufacturer and supplier, we realise that the service surrounding our quality products are almost as important as the products themselves.


Our Customer Service team are always happy to chat about our products, explaining why we formulated a product the way we did and how it relates to your goals and needs.

To get in touch with our knowledgable Customer Service team, head to our contact page.


100% Australian owned and operated

Your favourite Bulk Nutrients products are made in a small town best known best for its apples, but we love employing local people to become part of the dream team supplying pure supplements to athletes across the country.

In Australia we’re lucky enough to have a variety of amazing raw ingredients grown/picked/dried/cultivated. At Bulk Nutrients we’re proud to include as many of these these local ingredients as possible.

Our organic Hemp Protein is 100% Australian along with many of our carbohydrates and flavourings too, such as our pure oats from South Australia our flavourings from Victoria.

Thank you!

Finally, thanks for supporting Bulk Nutrients. With each purchase made, you’re investing in an Australian success.

If you’re happy with our products and service, we really appreciate you recommending us to any friends/family/associates that use supplements. In turn we’ll give them exactly what we gave you – locally made, high quality products at unbelievable prices.

Til next time,
  The Team at Bulk Nutrients

Bulk Nutrients