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High Protein Snacks, Desserts and Treats

2019 Buyers Guide to High Protein Snacks, Desserts and Treats

Bulk Nutrients offers a huge range of healthy protein snacks and high protein desserts.

Before we start explaining each product, we recommend those love desserts grabbing a handy Dessert Sampler Pack. It contains a sample of 7 high protein desserts which you’re bound to fall in love with.

The Best High Protein Low Carb Snacks

Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of Bulk Nutrients high protein desserts, or maybe you’re after a protein rich snack, either whey we’ve got the best high protein treats for you.

Protein Mousse for people after low carb, protein rich snacks boasting a huge 30g of protein and only 2.4g of carbs per serve making this one of the best egg white desserts available.

Whey Hot for when you feel like a high protein hot chocolate or vanilla chai. With over 20g of protein and minimal carbs, it’s the perfect slow release treat. Also available is a Whey Hot 1kg Bulk Pack.

Whey Cool is a frozen dessert mix, offering a healthy alternative to ice cream and packing more protein than most high protein ice creams available with more than 25g of protein per 50g serve.

Mug Cake for people who want abs and to have their cake too! This high protein healthy treat contains 20g of protein and only 10g of carbs per serve whilst being easy to make, the perfect snack or dessert option after dinner.

Quick Protein Oats contain the natural goodness of rolled oats with high amounts of fibre. This great breakfast option offers around 20g of protein and 23g of carbs per serve to start your day right. Also available is a Quick Protein Oats 1kg Bulk Pack.

Quick Protein Ball Mix is for those after an easy to make, macro friendly high protein treat within minutes. Offering 35g of protein, 27g of carbs and a massive 9g of fibre; they will keep you satisfied and on track with your diet.

Quick Protein Pancakes offer a massive 40g of protein and 37g of carbs per serve, making this healthy protein snack a must for those looking for alternate high protein snacks, breakfast or dessert options.

The Ultimate High Protein Snack

Everyone loves a good combo… and boy do we have one for you! We’re talking 95g of protein, 49g of carbs and 49g of fat per serve and here’s how to make it.

Quick Protein Pancakes stacked with Protein Mousse holding them together, then to top it all off with Whey Cool and a mix of your favourite berries.

Do you have what it takes to make this monster of all high protein treats?

Australia’s favourite online supplement shop Bulk Nutrients has you covered!

Treat yourself with the delicious and nutritious protein desserts from Bulk Nutrients.

Indulge in your ultimate guilt free treat now.