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Buy Protein Shakers Online

Bulk Nutrients has your supplement mixing and measuring needs sorted

Buy protein shakers and micro scales for accurate measuring and easy mixing of your Bulk Nutrients supplements!

Did we mention our limited edition shakers too? …grab yours online now!

Shakers & Scales that are packed with features

You’d be forgiven to think that our shakers and micro scales are normal, we can assure you they’re anything but!

Let’s break it down:

Mini Shakers – they say that bigger is better, but we beg to differ! Here’s what you need to know:

It’s practical, think about it… when was the last time you filled that tank of a shaker?
Saves space thanks to its compact size (and awesomeness)
Features a seriously sturdy lid
Semi-opaque colour so you can add the right amount of liquid every time
100% BPA free so you can safely sip your gains with confidence
No lumps here! Thanks to its metal mixing ball

Regular Shakers are for those looking for a quick replacement!

The Mini Shaker’s big daddy, for when you need more space
Features Bulk Nutrients’ legendary logo, so you can rep BN at the gym
Semi-opaque colour so you can add the right amount of liquid every time
100% BPA free plus contains a metal mixing ball, what more could you need
The perfect replacement for your old 1/4 filled shaker. Don’t open the old one, it’s a trap

Limited Edition Shakers for those looking for the perfect partner in crime #gymselfies.

It’s stealth black
It’s limited edition
Enough said really!
#bulknutrients is life

Slimline Drink Bottles once they’re gone, they’re truly gone – limited stock! Here’s low down:

Really, really, really ridiculously good looking in seafoam/clear colours
Looks good any way you look at it
Slim easy grip design allows one-handed sipping
Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Digital Micro Scales are for weighing supplements, obviously.  Here’s what you need to know:

New and improved design, that’s right it’s now even better!
Offers metric and imperial functions
They’re accurate to the last 10mg (.01g) to be precise
Large measuring surface, approximately 60mm x 60mm perfect when measuring with a cup
Can measure up to a capacity of 300g
Comes with 2x AAA batteries because Bulk Nutrients are legends

We’ve got all your shakers, drink bottles and even scale options covered.