BCAA 2-1-1 Capsules

Branched Chain Amino Acid Capsules can help with muscle growth and recovery in a handy capsulated form.

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Great prices when buying in Bulk

  • 1 bottle = AU$26
  • 4 bottles = AU$83 (AU$20.75 each)

Great for Muscle Repair

Muscle Recovery

Convenient Capsules

Best BCAA Supplement Australia: Branched Chain Amino Acid Capsules 2 1 1

BCAAs are a combination of the three branched chain amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

Bulk Nutrients’ blend incorporates these at a 2 (leucine), 1 (valine) and 1 (isoleucine) ratio, which is generally considered the best BCAA ratio for muscle growth and recovery in an easy to consume capsule. Simply drink with water like you would with any other BCAA pill or BCAA tablet supplements.

BCAAs are well known for their ability to help muscle repair, supplementing with these can decrease breakdown of other amino acids and lead to a more positive nitrogen balance.

Bulk Nutrients also have BCAA Recovery and Unflavoured 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).

Learn more about the effects BCAAs can have on your training intensity and duration in our article, BCAAs: What Are They And How Can They Help My Training?.

When to supplement with BCAA Capsules

Australian made Bulk Nutrients’ BCAA Capsules are best consumed during or straight after intense training to maximise the benefits of BCAAs.

BCAA Capsules vs BCAA Powder

Both forms of BCAAs offer the same great benefits, the one you choose will come down to convenience and how you prefer to consume your supplements.

Here’s some reasons why BCAA Capsules are so handy…

  • Small take anywhere form factor.
  • No powder, no measuring and no mess.
  • BCAA Capsules are tasteless, perfect for those who hate flavoured supplements.

Australian Made BCAA Capsules

If you love to support Australian companies and are after a capsule to help increase your sports performance, then look no further than Bulk Nutrients BCAA Capsules.

Bulk Nutrients – delivering Australia’s best supplements at the most affordable prices!

Directions & Ingredients

Directions for BCAA Capsules

BCAAs are best taken during or directly after intense exercise.

A typical dose of BCAAs is 1800mg to 5000mg.


100% Pharmaceutical Grade Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine




Keep well sealed, protect from moisture, light and heat.

Frequently asked questions about BCAA Capsules

How do BCAA Capsules taste?

Capsulated products mask any unpleasant taste from the raw ingredient.

What are BCAA Capsules made from?

BCAA Capsules are made from starches.

Are samples available of BCAA Capsules?

Sorry, we do not provide samples of BCAA Capsules.

How are BCAA Capsules packaged?

This product is packaged in single 120 Capsule containers.

You can purchase 480 capsules for a further discount, but the product will be delivered in 4 x 120 Capsule containers.

Is the packaging for this product recyclable?

Yes! The capsule container and lid can be recycled as hard plastics in your local council pickup.

If you’d like more information, check this article which breaks down how all of Bulk’s product packaging can be recycled.

Can I receive a discount buying more than one bottle of BCAA Capsules at once?

Absolutely! Price breaks for BCAA Capsules begin when you purchase 4 bottles of capsules. Just add 4 bottles or more to your cart to see the savings.

Are BCAA Capsules Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly?

Yes they are! Previously Bulk Nutrients’ capsulated products used gelatin based capsules, however in early 2019 we switched our range to use vegetable based capsules. This means our BCAA Capsules are now 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly.

BCAA Capsules Nutrition Panel

BCAA Capsules Nutrition Information
Servings per package: 30
Servings size: 4 capsules (1800mg)
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 31 1700
Protein (g) 1.8 100
Fats (g) 0 0
  (saturated) (g) 0 0
Carbohydrates (g) 0 0
  (sugars) (g) 0 0
Sodium (mg) 0 0
Leucine (mg) 900 50,000
Isoleucine (mg) 450 25,000
Valine (mg) 450 25,000

Bulk Nutrients is proudly Australian owned and operated with all products developed, blended and packed locally in our facility in Grove, Tasmania, Australia.Find out more!

BCAA 2-1-1 Capsules Reviews

Very convenient

Posted by Karina Thirling on June 13, 2019

Easiest and cheapest way to take my BCAA’s


Posted by Steven Johnson on February 3, 2019

I have been using Bulk nutrients BCCA’s for a number of years now. I use them post workout and can feel the recovery to my muscle from them

Effective product

Posted by Jason on May 4, 2018

As a gym enthusiast, I feel like I recover and don’t feel as exhausted when I take this product before, during and directly after a workout.

Fantastic recovery supplement

Posted by Aaron on March 26, 2018

4 of these and some stretches before bed after a hard train and you’ll feel good as new the next day.


Posted by Anon on April 23, 2017

Works great at a reasonable price

A Gym Recovery Must!

Posted by Matt on February 28, 2017

Another typically awesome product from Bulk Nutrients that does exactly what it says on the box
I can’t speak highly enough of the excellent results & the awesome value for money offered on all Bulk Nutrients products
Great job guys

Recovery Plus

Posted by Paul on August 30, 2016

I have been using this product for 3 months now and I can honestly state that it has been the best recovery aid I have ever tried.I train at least 6 days a week in activities ranging from weight training to crossfit to mountain biking, road riding & running. I only wake up sore if I forget to take the BCAA’s.Well worth the money.Thanks


Posted by Alex on July 19, 2016

Been using these for a while now, I would say they are a good product

Best BCAAs I have used

Posted by Arthur on July 16, 2016

Most BCAAs I have tried are low dosage- these are perfect & are require less caps to take and value for money they win hands down. Keep up the good work Bulk Nutrients.

Quicker recovery

Posted by Vlad on May 27, 2016

I found my recovery is noticeably quicker and next day soreness is minimised.

bcaa - great product

Posted by Jeremy on April 11, 2016

I have recently bought a heap of new supplements from these guys as well as these BCAA capsules. Always had issues with remaining sore after really big workouts. After taking these during every workout I can notice a big difference with recovery and post workout aches. I still get sore but no where near as much as before taking this product. Won’t go without when I run out. Very happy

great stuff

Posted by steve on December 3, 2015

always struggle to get enough protein in my day. this product takes care of my aminos I miss out on