The Bulkhydrator

Large enough to keep you hydrated all day – the Bulkhydrator holds 1.3 Litres and is strong, transparent and features a handy carry strap.


Hit max hydration!

Stay hydrated and sneak in some extra bicep curls with the new Bulk Nutrients drink bottle the Bulkhydrator.

The jumbo 1.3 Litre Bottle will save you constant refills and enhance your trendy bottle collection.

Available in transparent black, each bottle features a handy carry strap and the Bulk Nutrients logo.

Your mega 1.3 Litre gym essential

Not only does this bottle look sleek and stylish, the Bulk Nutrients 1.3 Litre Bottle has some impressive specs…

  • It’s strong and designed for long term use to help you cut out unnecessary plastics.
  • The sides are transparent, so you can see when it needs a good clean!
  • It features a handy carry strap, so you can effortlessly take it wherever you go.
  • It’s BPA free.
  • Oh and did we mention it holds a whopping 1.3 litres to keep you hydrated in the heat?

With this latest edition to the Bulk Nutrients merchandise range, you can rep Bulk Nutrients wherever you go and be the envy of all your fellow gym mates!

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