Dessert Sample Pack

Offering a selection of our best high protein snacks, Bulk Nutrients' Dessert Sample Pack is bound to leave you feeling satisfied.

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  • 7 Pack = AU$18

Bulk Nutrients Dessert Sample Pack

Looking for healthy protein desserts? We’ve got just what you’re after with our Protein Dessert Sample Pack containing a selection of our best-selling high protein snacks that you’re bound to fall in love with.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and grumbling stomach with our protein cake in a mug, easy protein pancakes or a healthy hot chocolate or chai latte.

Each pack includes;

  • 2x 42g Mug Cake (Creamy Banana, Choc Cherry Delight or Lemon Cheesecake flavour)
  • 1x 30g Protein Hot (Chocolate or Vanilla Chai flavour)
  • 1x 60g Protein Oats (Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Double Choc or Spiced Apple flavour)
  • 1x 43g Protein Mousse (Choc Honeycomb, Caramel or Rocky Road flavour)
  • 1x 100g Protein Ball Mix (Rocky Road flavour)
  • 1x 100g Protein Pancakes (Chocolate, Vanilla or Cinnamon flavour)

Perfect for those on a high protein diet or if you’re looking for a healthier choice to indulge in after dinner, this is the best way to test and try our treat range.

Product flavours will be randomised depending on current stock levels and cannot be guaranteed.

The Dessert Sample Pack is a great alternative to those looking for alternatives to Bulk Nutrients’ recently discontinued Whey Cool Frozen Protein Treat Mix.

Great news! We’ve listened to the feedback provided by Whey Hot customers and reformulated it to be a better tasting and mixing product – Protein Hot! It now uses a combination of collagen and casein proteins and delivers an impressive 20 grams of protein per serve.

Dessert Sample Pack Reviews

Dessert pack sample

Posted by tanya halil on July 23, 2019

Very good pack , its nice to try everything before without having to buy full packs worth . I was a bit disappointed with the chai whay hot as I love chai tea and it just tasted like hot milk no flavor but at least i know know not to buy it now , also made the protein balls very easy to make and good taste .


Posted by julie Lock on June 27, 2019

i love the variety in these packs. helps me to decide if i want to buy more

Dessert Sampler Pack

Posted by Paul on January 26, 2019

Great way to sample your products- all were delicious. I haven’t had a product from you guys that I haven’t enjoyed- thanks and I will be back

Dessert sampler

Posted by Peter on November 2, 2018

Good to be able to try a sample before committing to a full bag. Found a few that I like.


Posted by Anon on August 11, 2018

There are so many options to choose from, without this I would probably never have tried half of them. Next order will be loaded with a few mug cakes and some protein balls for sure.

Love the variety and taste

Posted by Irina Watson on August 1, 2018

Very happy with the samples

A little sweetness... without the guilt!

Posted by Jesse on July 26, 2018

Opening my dessert sample pack was an exciting moment for me because I have always had a sweet tooth. Training and having a taste for all things sweet usually makes the process harder when you’re trying to lean bulk, but thanks to this terrific product line, I have been able to treat myself without all the extra calories.
The taste is amazing, and the satisfaction is even greater knowing that my dessert hasn’t messed up my macros.


Posted by Deborah on June 17, 2018

Great opportunity to try several products prior to purchasing, loved them all especially mug cake as a snack, it was fast and easy to prepare.

Great pack to see what you like and don’t like

Posted by Tome on June 4, 2018

I like the fact I could purchase a sample pack to see what I liked and didn’t like. Very smart! Love the pancakes so much, wish there was a bigger 1kg pack like the normal protein sizes.

Great service and delivery

Posted by Ele on May 21, 2018

I also wanted to review the website but couldn’t work out how! They have really fast service and delivery. I received this order i think the next day, or at least within 2 days even though it shipped from Tassie to Adelaide.
The sample packs are also awesome so that you can try the products before buying a bunch. I didn’t like all of them, but I still give this a good review, because it was useful to be able to try them all, and work out which ones I liked. Whey hot is especially good, particularly for winter. The porridge, pancakes and mug cake were also tasty, I will definitely buy more of these. I didn’t like the flavour of the protein balls so much but they were ok. The texture of the mousse was a bit odd and I ended up adding more water and just drinking it. The taste was fine.

Great way to try different things

Posted by Krystl on December 9, 2017

I love that I can try different desserts without having to commit to a full pack just in case I don’t like something. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a protein matrix or protein oats (which I was actually hoping to try), I instead got a double up of the mug cake and the whey hot. Maybe a shortage in certain supplies? I quite enjoyed the whey hot vanilla chai – tasted like I’d gone to a local cafe and bought one. And the protein pancakes were a massive hit for me, I’ll definitely buy them again in future. Still yet to try the rest but so far it looks promising and so easy to make.

Great value

Posted by Im on November 16, 2017

Great for sampling the products. Love the pancakes will be purchasing more of them.