Micellar Casein Protein

Creamy Micellar Casein is now available in Choc Honeycomb and makes a tasty night time snack too

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Taste
  • Effectiveness
  • Value for Money

Great prices when buying in Bulk

  • 1kg = AU$35
  • 2kg = AU$59 (AU$29.50 each)
  • 3kg = AU$82 (AU$27.33 each)
  • 4 kg = AU$109 (AU$27.25 each)
  • 5 kg = AU$135 (AU$27.00 each)
  • 10 kg = AU$253 (AU$25.30 each)

About Micellar Casein Proteins

Micellar Casein is also known as Milk Protein Isolate and is refined during the milk process. It is very high in protein and low in fats. Micellar Casein is most effective at preventing muscle breakdown (catabolism) but can also be used as a protein to build muscle.

As a slow release protein, Micellar Casein is ideal for times when frequent meals are not feasible, which makes it ideal for evening use. It is digested slowly which means there is a steady supply of amino acids into the bloodstream.

Slow Release Protein

Grass fed cows

Assists weight loss

What Is Micellar Casein Protein Powder? Try The Best Casein Protein Shake

Grass fed cows, hormone and GMO free, ultrafiltered and undenatured protein

Bulk Nutrients’ Micellar Casein is completely undenatured and sourced from grass fed cows and dried using ultra filtration.

Micellar Casein is a protein powder that is slowly absorbed (up to 12 hours) and therefore supplies amino acids to the muscles over a long period of time. It is rich in naturally occurring branched chain and essential amino acids (BCAAs and EAAs) and can assist in the maintenance and growth of muscle.

As a slow release, anti catabolic protein powder, micellar casein is ideal consumed as a night protein.

Micellar Casein is great tasting, can be mixed as a shake or a mousse!

At 81.5% Protein, 1.3% Fat and 5% Carbs, it’s a great high protein shake, and it’s also delicious mixed with only 100-150ml water and a spoon of peanut butter as a dessert!

Lean muscle growth with Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein is a perfect slow release protein with low carbohydrates and fat. It has shown to have great anti catabolic properties, and is an excellent night protein due its slow absorption.

Micellar Casein for weight loss

Bulk Nutrients Micellar Casein can be effective in assisting weight loss due to its satiation effect, ie it will help you feel full for longer. It can also be used to make a great tasting mousse which is a low calorie, low fat and low carb treat.

Learn more about Micellar Casein in our article, Why should you use Micellar Casein?

Micellar Casein Supporting the Immune System

Micellar Casein is the undenatured and natural form of casein found in milk. As it is produced via ultrafiltration, it has an increased amount of bioactive milk peptides that can help support the immune system and enhance muscle growth.


30 grams (approximately 1 level scoop) after training or before bed.


Combine powder with 300-400ml of water or low fat milk and consume immediately.

We recommend you check out our blog here for more information on sweetness, flavour and mixing of our products.

Ingredients in Micellar Casein Protein

Micellar Casein, Flavouring, Sweetener (Sucralose).

Raw (unflavoured)
Micellar Casein.

Bulk Nutrients is proudly Australian owned and operated with all products developed, blended and packed locally in our facility in Grove, Tasmania. Find out more


Contains Dairy.


Keep well sealed, protect from moisture, light and heat.

Frequently asked questions about Micellar Casein Protein

How does Micellar Casein Protein taste?

This product is flavoured and is generally considered to have a pleasant taste. This product has a thick texture

What is it made from?

This product is a protein derived from milk

Are samples available for Micellar Casein Protein?

Sorry we do not provide samples of Micellar Casein Protein

How is Micellar Casein Protein packaged?

Micellar Casein Protein is packaged in resealable 1kg pouches

Is the packaging for Micellar Casein Protein recyclable?

Yes! The bag can be recycled by placing it in the REDcycle drop off point bins. The included scoop can be recycled as a hard plastic in your local council pickup.

If you’d like more information, check this article which breaks down how Bulk’s various products’ packaging can be recycled.

Can I receive a discount by buying more than one bag of Micellar Casein Protein at once?

Absolutely! Price breaks for Micellar Casein Protein begin when you purchase 2 units of any flavour. Just add more than that to your cart to see the savings.

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Micellar Casein Lab Testing Results

At Bulk Nutrients, we take our products’ purity very seriously.

To maintain Micellar Casein’s consistent high quality, we send a cross section of our product range to the National Measurement Institute (NMI) which is an independent lab run by the Australian Government. This is the same organisation that does police forensic testing, ASADA drug screening and accuracy tests for multinational food manufacturers.

Here’s the results

Chocolate Nutrition Information
Servings per 1kg package: 33 Servings size: 30g
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 451 1504
Protein (g) 23 78
Fats (g) 0.6 2.1
  (saturated) (g) 0.4 1.4
Carbohydrates (g) 1.9 6.2
  (sugars) (g) 1.4 4.7
Sodium (mg) 46 106
Vanilla Nutrition Information
Servings per 1kg package: 33 Servings size: 30g
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 455 1518
Protein (g) 24.2 81
Fats (g) 0.4 1.4
  (saturated) (g) 0.3 1.0
Carbohydrates (g) 1.6 5.2
  (sugars) (g) 1.5 4.9
Sodium (mg) 46 153
Choc Honeycomb Nutrition Information
Servings per 1kg package: 33 Servings size: 30g
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 446 1488
Protein (g) 22.7 75.7
Fats (g) 0.6 1.9
  (saturated) (g) 0.4 1.3
Carbohydrates (g) 2.4 7.9
  (sugars) (g) 1.4 4.6
Sodium (mg) 30 101
Raw Nutrition Information
Servings per 1kg package: 33 Servings size: 30g
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 452 1508
Protein (g) 24.4 81.3
Fats (g) 0.4 1.4
  (saturated) (g) 0.3 1.0
Carbohydrates (g) 1.5 4.9
  (sugars) (g) 2.2 4.9
Sodium (mg) 22 98
Typical Amino Acid Profile
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Alanine (mg) 1017 3390
Arginine (mg) 1107 3690
Aspartic Acid (mg) 2340 7800
Cysteine (mg) 1500 5000
Glutamic Acid (mg) 6369 21230
Glycine (mg) 591 1970
Histidine (mg) 861 2870
Isoleucine (mg) 1665 5550
Leucine (mg) 2913 9710
Lysine (mg) 2502 8340
Methionine (mg) 780 2600
Phenylalanine (mg) 1476 4920
Proline (mg) 2967 9890
Serine (mg) 1791 5970
Threonine (mg) 1434 4780
Tryptophan (mg) 399 1330
Tyrosine (mg) 1521 5070
Valine (mg) 1980 6600

Formulated Supplementary Sports Food. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietic supervision. This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate physical training or exercise program.

Micellar Casein Protein Reviews

Solid product.

Posted by on January 14, 2020

I mix this in with yogurt, granola and blueberries for a late night snack. Tastes great and makes me feel full until the morning.

A happy mistake!

Posted by Viviane Buzzi on August 13, 2019

I had ordered the raw micellar casein as I use it in baking and prefer it unflavoured. I got sent the chocolate by mistake but WOW, it’s awesome and I’m now using it where I wouldn’t normally use casein before. Looking forward to creating more deliciousness with this one. ALSO, many thanks for sending me a replacement raw version too. The service is always exceptional and now I’m sold on the flavoured casein :)

Low mixabilty

Posted by Sonny Day on August 9, 2019

I like to make pudding. The mixability of the bulk casein when just using a spoon is not great. Taste was good, goes nice in a shake, but 95% of my use is pudding. Sadly I’ll be reverting back to my old brand for pudding


Posted by Kim on July 30, 2019

Tastes like chocolate without an unpleasant after taste. I really like it in overnight oats. Use less water makes it thicker.

filling and tasty

Posted by Stephen on June 8, 2019

very nice

Micellar Protein

Posted by Jesper on May 31, 2019

This is a top product. It mixes easily and the vanilla tastes good.


Posted by Anthony Sandow on April 16, 2019

Love the flavor, sleeping better too.

Not the best taste in the world and also a very fine powder which does cause a little mess.

Posted by Samantha Wridgway on March 18, 2019

Probably could have chosen a better flavour but does the job that it is intended to do.

Micellar Casein Choc Honeycomb

Posted by Kat on March 15, 2019

Loving the new flavour, was getting bored of chocolate and vanilla.
Great product. Perfect nighttime protein. Very high quality, mixes well and tastes great.

Casein powder

Posted by Evie Bath on February 28, 2019

Great product! Will recommend, it’s great for smoothies and protein shakes. 5 stars

micellar casein

Posted by Jack on February 25, 2019

Great product very good thickner!

Micellar casein choc honeycomb

Posted by Annie on January 21, 2019

I am a big fan of Bulk Nutrient’s choc honeycomb flavour in other products and this one is much the same! Easily dissolved in a shaker and creamy if shaken enough. Even stirring it in a glass when out of clean shakers works (tho I don’t recommend doing this regularly because stirring:drinking ratio is whack)