Mini Shaker (Out of Stock)

Just like our 700ml shaker, only smaller. This 400ml 'mini' shaker is perfect for those that who never fill their shaker to the top.


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Mini Supplement Shaker (400ml)

They say that bigger is better, but we beg to differ.

The Bulk Nutrients Mini Shaker covers all your shaking needs in a more compact and cute size.

You’re a practical person and don’t see the need for a whopping big shaker.

It’s the ideal size for protein shakes and pre-workout as well as those time you need just a small beverage. Take a moment to think of the last time you actually filled up a 700ml shaker

Never! Right?

For all you bros out there, don’t be afraid to go mini.

This shaker is crafted for athletes that like their equipment functional. It features a seriously sturdy lid to ensure gains stay inside, as well as a semi-opaque colour so you get the perfect amount and liquid every time; the Mini Shaker is your one-way ticket to Gains Town.

At Bulk Nutrients, we understand the needs of the modern bro. Your gym bag might be big but the equipment needed by such an elite athlete like yourself is endless, you just don’t have the room for huge shakers.

Take the mini on your bro-cation and save some room in the overhead compartment without compromising your gains.

It’s also great for all you plastic-conscious individuals, being 100% BPA free there are no chemical nasties to be concerned about, you can safely sip gains from our Mini Shaker.

Go on, add a Mini Shaker to your order today!

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Mini Shaker (Out of Stock) Reviews

Mini Shaker

Posted by Clarinda on August 5, 2019

Love the size! I do prefer a transparent shaker though so I can see the contents.

Mini Shaker review

Posted by Arsenio Zervides on May 24, 2019

Very poor material used for this shaker. It’s very annoying and I constantly have issues with the lid. I’ve bought about 4 or 5 of them mind you. I like the size of them though.

Mini Shaker

Posted by Paul on April 21, 2019

The mini shaker is a good size, great for when i’m travelling. You need to hold cap down when shaking otherwise it leak.

good for the purpose

Posted by Emily on October 22, 2018

the shaker is a good size and useful however the cap lid bit doesn’t stay closed so whenever I shake I need to hold it down constantly otherwise it goes everywhere

When size matters

Posted by hhx on August 11, 2018

Don’t be fooled by the size. I have found this mini shaker even more useful than the larger shakers to mix my Thermowhey Weight Loss Protein. I have purchased several of the mini shakers to use when at home, work and when travelling domestically or internationally.


Posted by Lauren on May 28, 2018

Awesome size shaker, convienient no spillage great product

Works but leaks

Posted by Andrew on May 25, 2018

It’s a good little shaker, the springy thing breaks up clumps well but the flip lid isn’t reliable so keep your finger on it while shaking. It’s a decent cheap little shaker and honestly better than some $25 shakers I’ve had. Love that I can chuck it in the dishwasher as well.


Posted by Dennis on April 17, 2018

absolutely love it

Mmm it does the job

Posted by Aneta on April 16, 2018

It is a great size, but occasionally the lid leaks. It does the job though!

Love this little guy

Posted by Dave on February 11, 2018

Fantastic, love this shaker. Look @ it with pride


Posted by Anon on January 29, 2018

Acceptable shaker, but not the best. Lid doesn’t seal as perfectly as I might like and the ball fails to get into the corners to get all the protein very well. On the plus side it is cheap and a good size.


Posted by Danielle on January 22, 2018

Just love the way it has the little wire ball to mix the product, easy clean, easy open, and nice to drink out of xx