Protein Mousse

A creamy, high protein treat made in seconds, Bulk Nutrients' Protein Mousse will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Taste
  • Effectiveness

Great prices when buying in Bulk

  • 7 pack = AU$16
  • 14 pack = AU$29

Slow Release Protein Mousse Dessert

It blends Micellar Casein with Egg Protein and Whey Protein Concentrate, which results in a balanced amino acid spread, high in Glutamine and BCAAs.

With 30g of protein, 2.4g of carbohydrates and 3g of fat per serve it is extremely lean. Virtually all the fat content comes from Medium Chain Triglycerides which have a multitude of benefits.

Mixed packs will contain a mixture of Choc Honeycomb and Caramel flavoured Protein Mousse.

Mixing Protein Mousse takes barely 30 seconds

Bulk Nutrients Protein Mousse is extremely simple to make. Start with 75mls of water in a bowl, sprinkle the pre mix powder on top and whisk til it’s a smooth consistency. Yum!!

Directions & Ingredients


  1. Add 75ml of water in bowl then sprinkle contents of sachet or one rounded scoop (43g) on top of the water.
  2. Whisk vigorously for approximately 60 – 90 seconds immediately after adding powder.

For best results we recommend the mousse is chilled in a refrigerator after whisking, but it can be consumed without chilling.

Protein Mousse Ingredients

Milk Protein Isolate, Egg Albumin, Whey Protein Concentrate, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Flavouring, Gelatin, Corn Starch, Xanthan Gum, Sweetener (Sucralose).


Contains Dairy and Egg.


Keep well sealed, protect from moisture, light and heat.

Frequently asked questions about Protein Mousse

How does Protein Mousse taste?

Bulk Nutrients’ Protein Mousse is flavoured and is generally considered to taste delicious.

What is Protein Mousse made from?

Protein Mousse has a variety of ingredients, please see the Directions & Ingredients tab for full listing.

Are samples available of Protein Mousse?

Sorry we do not provide samples of Protein Mousse.

How is it packaged?

Bulk Nutrients’ Protein Mousse is packaged in 7x single use 43g satchets.

Protein Mousse Nutrition Panel

Protein Mousse Nutrition Information
Servings per sachet: 1
Servings size: 43g
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 696 1619
Protein (g) 30 69
Fats (g) 3.5 8.1
  (Saturated) (g) 3.4 7.9
Carbohydrates (g) 2.4 5.5
  (Sugars) (g) 1.2 2.7
Sodium (mg) 44 102

Protein Mousse Reviews


Posted by Sonny on June 4, 2019

I really like the texture once refrigerated, however the flavours other than caramel were not to my palette, they seemed watered down flavours compared to the protein powder varients of the same flavour.
Whilst the product is low calorie, I found it very unsatisfying, I get more filling satisfaction from a protein shake. I was hoping the desert mousse may be something different to keep in rotation, but i found myself having a shake anyway after the mousse.

Absolutely terrible

Posted by Kerin on May 10, 2019

I love bulk nutrients protein! So I thought why not get the mousse , boy oh boy I wish I didn’t waste money on it. Won’t ever order again , honestly was horrible..


Posted by Emelye Jane pearson on March 16, 2019

This stuff is absolutely delicious and so versatile I mix my fats in with it . I got the mixed bag and now want all the flavours in giant tubs

Not too bad for what it is

Posted by Myles on March 4, 2019

Had a choc honeycomb mousse for dessert tonight. Just whisked it with a fork in a small glass bowl for a minute then popped it in the fridge for 45 minutes. Had none of the “grittiness” reported by others here. Taste was mild, and not overly sweet. I wonder how it would go with a little dessicated coconut miked through?
For what it is, the mousse is great. Nice dessert without the guilt.

Protein Mousse

Posted by Greg on January 7, 2019

So simple to make and so full of flavour. I’ll be back for more.

Mousse is the bomb!

Posted by Lee-Anne Miles on December 31, 2018

Mousse that tastes good and does good things for me :) Grand indeed.

Pleasantly surprised

Posted by Jodi on November 19, 2018

The choc honeycomb is delicious, pleasantly surprised that it is not too sweet. Also mixes well and a nice texture

Not a fan

Posted by Sean Reilly on October 15, 2018

I bought a mixed pack of these and I have to say they were all pretty terrible. The consistency of glue, overly sweet yet tasteless, I am disappointed because the quality of everything else I have bought has been good.


Posted by Mark on September 17, 2018

Absolutely love this product! So quick and easy. Taste great for a little treat and packs heaps of protein.To me tastes as good if not better then mousse you’d buy off the shelve at the supermarket! Can’t recommend enough. Thanks Guys!


Posted by Toni T on September 1, 2018

Omg this mousse is the bomb. 30 gms of protein and flavours to die for. Fave = Rocky Road


Posted by Gillian on July 23, 2018

Very gritty taste no matter how long you mix it. Far too thick using the recommended amount of water. Not a fan of any of the flavours.

Dessert yumminess!!

Posted by Broni on July 20, 2018

Love this. The Caramel flavour is subtle but nice. So handy to have for when you are craving something a little sweet and want something that won’t wreck your dieting progress. Looking forward to trying the new Rocky Road flavour soon.