Shaker (Out of Stock)

Bulk Nutrients' Shaker is capable of holding a massive 700ml of liquid, contains a metal mixing ball and is BPA free!


Great prices when buying in Bulk

  • 1 4 shakers = AU$6 each
  • 5 9 shakers = AU$5 each
  • 10 shakers = AU$4 each

Supplement Shaker (700ml)

Left your old shaker 1/4 filled with protein in the hot car and are now too afraid to open it? Treat yourself to a new one!

Bulk Nutrients blender style shakers are semi-opaque plastic with a graduated side (with a 700ml total volume) with the Bulk Nutrients logo and secure screw on lid.

They also contain a metal mixing ball to help break up the powder and are BPA free!

Save $1 per shaker when purchasing 5 or more
Save 17% when purchasing 5 or more shakers

Shaker (Out of Stock) Reviews


Posted by Jo on January 6, 2020

Great easy to use no frills but does the job perfectly

It could have a bottom attachment that you can put your tablet supplement s in

Posted by Jack Haere on December 28, 2019

Convenient quite a common shaker container and holds a good amount of protein shake.

Not bad shaker

Posted by Marcus on July 26, 2019

The shaker is really good

Shake it out...

Posted by Nita on June 11, 2019

No bells, no whistles, just a shiny spiral ball to mix your poison. The shaker is easy to handle, fits in the car’s cup holder, and is hard to miss the bright orange when you’re searching your plastics drawer. Easy to clean, with a screw top lid, the only downside is that the numbering is the same colour as the body of the shaker which can make it difficult to read.


Posted by Troy on June 7, 2019

Great product! Easy to use and clean. Would be good if it sealed properly tho. You have to hold the lid closed when shaking and I wouldn’t trust leaving it my bag with liquid inside.

Very good

Posted by Riki on May 11, 2019

Very good

A good shaker.

Posted by Stephen Anderson. on April 28, 2019

While some plastic shakers are brittle and can break if you drop it or put weight onto it, I’ve accidentally stepped on mine and it didn’t deform or break at all. So pretty good.

No leaking, easy to clean, ball works really well in mixing everything together

Posted by Samantha Wridgway on March 18, 2019

Could be a little thinner, quite wide and maybe a clip to stop the flap falling on you when you drink.

It works!

Posted by Cactus on March 8, 2019

It works!


Posted by *MAD DOG* on February 22, 2019

Product is what it says it is. It works. It has a silver wire mixing ball like other shakers. The only problem is it is near impossible to judge the water level inside because the orange plastic of this particular shaker is too dark to see the water inside. This product would be infinitely better if it had a clear window to see the actual water level.

Cheap, odour-resistant, good quality

Posted by Dom on July 2, 2018

Good quality, cheap shaker. More odour resistant than others on the market which is a big plus for those times you forget to rinse it straight away


Posted by Matt on June 28, 2018

The lid is terrible. It doesn’t stay closed and opens at the slightest touch. It also doesn’t click like the old ones used to.