Stainless Steel Shaker

Tough enough to endure every day - the Bulk Nutrients Stainless Steel Shaker has a 700ml capacity with a clear window to help you measure liquids.


Sip in style with Bulk Nutrients’ Stainless Steel Shaker

It’s time to take your shaker game to the next level.

Introducing the sleek and the tough, Bulk Nutrients Stainless Steel Shaker.

Available with a classy matte black finish each shaker is neatly etched with the Bulk Nutrients logo.

So fresh, so cool.

But it’s more than just good looking, The Bulk Nutrients’ Stainless Steel Shaker has a long list of impressive specs too…

  • It’s durable and designed for long term use, so you’ll save on plastics
  • A solid 700ml capacity for your protein shakes, smoothies, BCAAs and even for sipping on water during the day
  • Has a clear window for seamless measuring (and for live action inside your shaker)
  • Prevents unwanted leakages with quality silicon seals and a satisfying hard-close lid
  • Keeps drinks colder for longer so you can enjoy a refreshing drink all day!

With this sweet accessory, you can not only rep Bulk Nutrients wherever you go but make your mates pretty envious too.

Worried about the see through window?

Never fear, this clear window is made from heavy duty plastic that’s 100% BPA free and seriously durable.

It may look like glass but … but won’t break when you drop it, and unlike other plastics, won’t cloud from repeated use and washing. It’s pretty impressive, hey!

bulk nutrients hammer shaker

Shake things up a little and grab your Stainless Steel Shaker today.

Stainless Steel Shaker Reviews

Durable and Colder for longer

Posted by Anahera on September 30, 2019

This shaker is worth the extra cost compared to plastic ones. Its strong and durable where the logo on the side is engraved rather than printed on so it doesnt peel or fade after a while. Still looks brand new once cleaned. Also the shaker ball is way better than the average. Quick couple sec shake up and it’s done. Always no powder clumps. Needs rinse straight after use though

Stainless Steel Shaker

Posted by Russell Bryson on August 19, 2019

My favourite shaker I’ve ever owned. I use it with my BCAA Recovery and it always keeps it super cold. Looks badarse as well. And with the clear viewing window, makes those all important measurements that much easier. Everyone that has seen it, has asked me where I got it.

Stainless steel shaker

Posted by Briana on July 20, 2019

Not very happy with this shaker, the lid leaks & it takes ages to dry. Doesn’t seem to deal with temperature very well. Based on other reviews, maybe mine is faulty. I do like the window but I’ve already switched back to my plastic one.

Awesome Shaker

Posted by Kieren Evison on June 15, 2019

Great product, good build quality, clearly marked and branded, has made for a great plastic saver on my South East Asia travels! Thanks a Bulk

Stainless Steel Shaker

Posted by Darren Purtell on April 8, 2019

This shaker is well worth the money. It’s easy to wash, seals beautifullly with no leaks, looks really cool and keeps your drink frosty cold. Don’t believe me? Just look at the outside after you’ve filled it, all frosty. Great, great product.

No Leaks, Stays Cooler Longer

Posted by Stuart Shackley on March 23, 2019

Good timing, wanted a spare shaker for myself & son. Saw the stailess shakers & had to test one. Still just a shaker but doesn’t leak, easy to unscrew the lid & the liquid is cooler.