Tribulus Terrestris Capsules

Offered with a potent 60-1 ratio, Bulk Nutrients' Tribulus Terrestris Capsules are one of the strongest on the market.

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Great prices when buying in Bulk

  • 1 bottle = AU$30
  • 4 bottles = AU$97 (AU$24.25 each)

Tribulus Terrestris Capsules

Tribulus Terrestris is a herb that grows in U.S, Mexico and Asia that has been used for centuries.

Bulk Nutrients has sourced one of the strongest Tribulus Terrestris available with a 60-1 ratio.

Our Tribulus Terrestris has a saponin content of 90%. Tribulus has been traditionally used for male support or when undertaking heavy strength training.

Directions & Ingredients

Tribulus Directions

For best results consume 1 to 2 capsules twice per day as close to 12 hours apart as possible.


100% Tribulus Terrestris.




Keep well sealed, protect from moisture, light and heat.

Frequently asked questions about Tribulus Terrestris Capsules

How does Tribulus Terrestris Capsules taste?

Capsulated products mask any unpleasant taste from the raw ingredients.

Are Tribulus Terrestris Capsules synthetic or a natural extract?

Tribulus Terrestris Capsules are a natural extract.

Are samples of Tribulus Terrestris Capsules available?

Sorry. we do not provide samples of this product.

How is it packaged?

This product is packaged in single 120 Capsule containers.

You can purchase 480 capsules for a further discount, but the product will be delivered in 4 x 120 Capsule containers.

Is the packaging for this product recyclable?

Yes! The capsule container and lid can be recycled as hard plastics in your local council pickup.

If you’d like more information, check this article which breaks down how all of Bulk’s product packaging can be recycled.

Can I receive a discount buying more than one of this product at once?

Absolutely! Price breaks for Tribulus Terrestris Capsules begin when you purchase 4 bottles of capsules. Just add 4 bottles or more to your cart to see the savings.

Are Tribulus Terrestris Capsules Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly?

Yes they are! Previously Bulk Nutrients’ capsulated products used gelatin based capsules, however in early 2019 we switched our range to use vegetable based capsules. This means our Tribulus Terrestris Capsules are now 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Tribulus Terrestris Capsules Nutrition Panel

Tribulus Terrestris Capsules Nutrition Information
Servings per package: 60
Servings size: 1230mg (two capsules)
Per Serve Per 100g
Energy (kj) 17 1,165
Protein (g) 0.2 16.3
Fats (g) 0 0
(Saturated) (g) 0 0
Carbohydrates (g) 0.7 47.9
(Sugars) (g) 0 2.3
Sodium (mg) 2.3 155
Tribulus Terrestris (mg) 1,230 100,000

Formulated Supplementary Sports Food. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate physical training or exercise program.

Bulk Nutrients is proudly Australian owned and operated with all products developed, blended and packed locally in our facility in Grove, Tasmania, Australia. Find out more!

Save $5.75 per bottle when purchasing 4 or more
Save 19% when purchasing 4 or more bottles

Tribulus Terrestris Capsules Reviews

Feeling Sytronger

Posted by Alan on May 31, 2018

This my second batch of pills and I feel I have gained more strength, sleep better, feel more energised and quicker recovery after my workout. Taking them regularly gives a diuretic effect which is assisting with me reducing my weight. For someone who is 68 years old I feel great in all aspects.


Posted by Michael on February 24, 2018

After trying other brands of Tribulus I found Bulk Nutrients Tribulus to be the absolute best. At 52 years old I feel stronger than I was at 30. It only takes about 7 days for tribulus to really start working. Its excellent value for money

Great Product

Posted by Rod on November 15, 2017

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks so far and there is a noticeable difference. Not to the point where I’m training out of my skin, but enough that my workouts feel slightly easier. Also on top of that I’m feeling a bit leaner and tighter so to say.

Wife loves it...

Posted by Trevor G on September 14, 2017

My Wife tells me that after I’ve been using this product she can see a huge difference in my mood, she calls them my happy pills and yes they do make difference I feel less tired throughout the day…..

There is a difference.

Posted by Mark on July 3, 2017

Went back to this after a period of time not taking it. It works for me.

Very Beneficial.

Posted by Bronco on July 6, 2016

Have been taking trib now for three weeks at 2 tabs per day twice at 12 hour intervals. My blood pressure has dropped back to normal and Ive seen a diuretic effect which makes me look cut and more lean.


Posted by Danny on May 12, 2016

Iv been using this product for over a year now, most potent and competitive tribulus on the market, highly recommended.

Test booster

Posted by Kris on May 7, 2016

Works well when stacked fast post great quality products thanks heaps A+

Best on market

Posted by Donald on September 15, 2015

Best Tribulus i have tried by a mile !
Works a treat one in morning with pre workout before training

That bit extra

Posted by Ryan on August 16, 2015

I find that the Tribulus Territas Capsules give me that little bit of extra energy throughout the day. Working different shifts and usually 12 hours between leaving for work and getting home I still have energy for the gym when I get off work. I also find I can concentrate more during work and am more alert. Being able to purchase the product in bulk is great value.